Blogging Services

Our Blogging Services are affordable and effective for every business, from tradesman/woman to multi national company. Our team tailor our marketing campaigns for your budget and requirements. Blogging packages start at just £99 for small businesses. Contact us for more information.

Not having a blog for your product or service in the 21st century is almost sinful. Blogging is an affordable and effective way of promoting your business, with a huge amount of benefits you might not have known about.

Having A Business Blog Can:

  • Bring in loads of new visitors and potential leads from search engines and social networks.
  • Build your authority in your field of work by displaying knowledge and ability.
  • Build relationships with people looking for the information you are providing.
  • Demonstrate an effective knowledge of modern technology, something potential customers may well respect and even base their opinion on.
  • Provide a further source of revenue through advertising income.
  • Help your business climb up the rankings of search engines such as Google.

Over the top sales pitches aren’t our style here at Vamp, but what I will say is that an effective business blog should pay for itself by promoting your business. We charge competitive rates for all of our blogging services and guarantee that it will bring you new leads.

Why Pay Somebody Instead of do it Myself?

Our Blogging knowledge has been built up and perfected over years in this growing industry. Our specialism in producing blogs and content that will both help you to make sales and grab peoples attention via search engines and social networks make us a logical choice for managing and maintaining your business blog.

Blogging and writing can be time consuming, too. Time you could better spend on your product or service, and bringing money into your business. Leaving it to the specialists is both more effective and less time consuming than trying to get there yourself.

Services we offer include:

  • Blog Setup
  • Blog Management
  • Content Production and Copywriting by Our Team of Specialists.
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Can I Afford It?

Our Blogging Services start at an extremely competitive £99. We believe that businesses large and small should have a blog, and tailor our strategies and services to be affordable for any reasonable budget.

Ready to Get Your Blog?

If you’re looking to go ahead and get your blog set up and bolstering your business, contact us on to organise a completely free consultation.